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i have followed the article: Localization of a WPF application using a custom MarkupExtension for internazionalizing my app.

In my MainWindow.xaml i have:

<Button x:Name="ServiceButton" Content="{l:Translate service.button.start}" Click="toggle_service_click" />

As you can see the translate markup {l:Translate service.button.start} is written to retrieve the string service.button.start in my current locale resource file when app is loaded, but if the service is already started the markup string should be service.button.stop

So, in practice, whene i run my app, if the service is started:

<Button x:Name="ServiceButton" Content="{l:Translate service.button.stop}" Click="toggle_service_click" />


<Button x:Name="ServiceButton" Content="{l:Translate service.button.start}" Click="toggle_service_click" />

How i can set the corret markup "On the fly" directly in the xaml file before that translationManager parse it?

EDIT: I have tryed to bind it in my DataContext like this: dataContext

public object ServiceTplString
        var isr = ServiceHandler.Instance.serviceIsRunning("service_alias", "service_name");
        return "{l:Translate service.button." + ( (isr) ? "stop" : "start" ) + "}";


<Button x:Name="ServiceButton" Content="{Binding ServiceTplString}" Click="toggle_service_click" />

but doesnt work..

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You're over-thinking it. Bind to an object, ServiceTplString, like you've done, and then just change the value of ServiceTplString:

ServiceTplString = Resources.StartLabel


ServiceTplString = Resources.StopLabel

depending on what you need.

I'm assuming you have your internationalized text in resource files; you may have it elsewhere.

Here's the property you'll want to use:

private string serviceTplString;

public string ServiceTplString
        return serviceTplString;
        serviceTplString = value;

That way when you update its value, the value will be propagated to the bound control.

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