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My current Conversion Pattern within my log4j.xml file is as follows:

<param name="ConversionPattern" value="%d (%F:%L) %-5p %c - %m%n"/>

I have a simple requirement to prepend %c (which is 'ERROR') with the word 'Runtime'. Using the pattern layout is there anyway I can simply add this word into the pattern for it to print out to the log file?

Thanks in advance.

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Have you tried %d (%F:%L) %-5p Runtime%c - %m%n ? –  Jac_opo Mar 18 '13 at 14:27
Thanks Jackopo, feel free to add this as a legit answer –  Candyfloss Mar 18 '13 at 14:31

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Just add the string to the pattern:

%d (%F:%L) %-5p Runtime%c - %m%n

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