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I have a requirement to create an app that works on BlackBerry (10%) and iOs (90%). Appcelerator Titanium looks like it does it, but BlackBerry dev is only supported on Windows and iOs dev is only supported on Mac. Am I missing something? How have people overcome this?

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This is a restriction of the native SDKs. To create iOS apps you're always required to have a Mac because of Xcode has all the libraries required for compiling iOS apps. Blackberry can be compiled on all platforms but the simulator is only available for Windows. Details available here. So developing with Titanium for iOS & Blackberry requires at least a Mac with a VM for the BB simulator.

Android for instance has SDKs and its emulator available for all mayor platforms.

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You can also use virtual machines which having Mac. You need to install Xcode in that. –  Anand Mar 19 '13 at 8:59
From my experience the other way around is more powerful. Emulating OS X requires OS X Server and the licenses are not that cheap. Having a Mac is also not cheap but emulating only this emulator is more powerful instead of emulating the whole system. –  mr.VVoo Mar 19 '13 at 11:54

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