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How should I initialize Function constructor function :

(both seems to work.)

like this :

var t= new Function ("a","alert(a)");
alert(Object.prototype.toString.apply(t)); //[object Function]


var t= Function ("a","alert(a)"); //without new 
t(3) //3
alert(Object.prototype.toString.apply(t));//[object Function]

Is there any difference ?


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They are identical. From the spec:

When Function is called as a function rather than as a constructor, it creates and initialises a new Function object. Thus the function call Function(…) is equivalent to the object creation expression new Function(…) with the same arguments.

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Thank you and sorry for not finding it myself.(searched though) –  Royi Namir Mar 18 '13 at 14:38

Both are same.

But if you use new, every property inside the object will have a new instance.

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