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Under /usr/share/lib/zoneinfo

I can see the following 4 different types of info for GMT


Are there any differences between these 4 types of GMT zone times? If so, what are the differences?

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I think they are all the same, or at least have the same values.

Yoo can see all here: TimeZones

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On my system (and likely yours as well), GMT, GMT+0 and GMT0 are all symlinked to GMT-0. So there is no difference.

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Adding to @Hasturkun's answer - on systems based on glibc, GTM, GMT+0 etc will be always symlinked, because that's how it's defined in glibc/timezone/backward mapping file. Specifically:

Link    Etc/GMT                 GMT+0
Link    Etc/GMT                 GMT-0
Link    Etc/GMT                 GMT0
Link    Etc/GMT                 Greenwich
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