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I am using Twilio client APIs to implement softphone in my web application. I am able to use browser for making outbound and receiving inbound calls successfully.

Used below code to generate the token required for Twilio.

TwilioCapability capability = new TwilioCapability(ACCOUNT_SID, AUTH_TOKEN);
capability.allowClientIncoming('MY CLIENT NAME');
token = capability.generateToken(); // token works fine

Now, if my web page is opened in multiple browser windows/ tabs, each window/tab acts as a softphone and receives incoming call notification on each of them. (As each browser is registered with the same name - 'MY CLIENT NAME')

I want to disconnect incoming notifications on others when one of the window/ tab accepts the notification.

Any ideas. Thanks in advance.

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Twilio Developer Evangelist here.

You can simultaneously ring multiple Client windows using the Dial and Client TwiML verbs. If you assign each Client window a different name, the TwiML you need to call all of them at the same time until someone answers would look similar to the following snippet:

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