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Is it possible to have more than one CSV file for a Single sampler?
I mean, I want to read values from a text file & a CSV file simultaneously for a single JMS request.
Could it be possible?

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Well, simply add one more CSV Data Set Config to read values from another csv-file (if you use this component to read from csv) or use several calls of __StringFromFile function (or even 1 call to read from several files).

Your schema may look like:

CSV Data Set Config
  Filename: list_A.csv
  Variable Names: paramA1,paramA2,...
CSV Data Set Config
  Filename: list_B.csv
  Variable Names: paramB1,paramB2,...
JMS Sampler
  // use here params from both csv-files as ${paramA1},${paramB1},...
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Hey Alies thanks for your reply. I have a payload(xml) file in which I have to make certain values dynamic, that keep changing for every request. Those values have to be picked up from a CSV file. Now, if it was a Http request that could have been easily achieved. But, since this is a JMS sampler I am not sure of how to do it. Your inputs?? –  user1502890 Mar 19 '13 at 5:45
Well. Can you possibly better describe your scenario and desired result? Which JMS sampler are you using? From jmeter-plugins one? If so, there is in it possibility to send xml along with. If you are using e.g. JMS Publisher and want send along with it xml fitted with values form CSVs so you possibly have to rewrite your xml using e.g. Beanshell / BSF / JSR223 Sampler/PreProcessor/PostProcessor (with corresponding script) called in your script before JMS. –  Alies Belik Mar 19 '13 at 10:10

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