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The title could be misleading but i will try to explain.

I have an Ajax function that gets the value of some XML nodes. Now I want to change the ID of every created element with value of the xml-nodes.

I have something like this. XML file

        <text>Hello Dog</text>
        <text>Hello Cat</text>

Now for call every text node I use a loop

stickers = myXML.getElementsByTagName("note");
for( i = 0; i < stickers.length; i++) {
    var idNod =  (stickers[i].getElementsByTagName("id")[0].childNodes[0].nodeValue);
    var textNod = (stickers[i].getElementsByTagName("text")[0].childNodes[0].nodeValue);

// add_sticker() is the function that created the elements dynamically ...

So the output of this will become

Note1 = Hello Dog id 1,
Note2 = Hello Cat id 2

But I want somehow to use the idNod and use it as ID attribute so it would look something like this

<div id=1>hello dog</div>
<div id=2>hello Cat</div>

In the loop I entered

stickers[i].setAttribute("id", idNod);

But that didn't do anything, not neither gave me an error.

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Why using setAttribute when you could do stickers[i].id=idNod; ? – Denys Séguret Mar 18 '13 at 15:11
Can you show your add_sticker function? – jcubic Mar 18 '13 at 15:12
Except in HTML5 element IDs cannot start with numbers. – Diodeus Mar 18 '13 at 15:13
@dystroy I tried that to, but that wont change the id either. – Dymond Mar 18 '13 at 15:13
Thanks for the help. The soluton was to add a new variable var id = idNod... problem solved :) – Dymond Mar 18 '13 at 15:53
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Why does your add_stickers are called twice to create one element? You should design your function to take both values and create the element.

function add_sticker(idNod, textNod) {
    var div = document.createElement("div"); = idNod;
    div.innerHtml = textNod;

    //Other parts
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I don't know exactly what add_stickers does, so I'm stabbing in a dark just a little bit. I would create a function that passes both the idNod and textNod values and then output the desired div

function addValues(id, text) {
   var div = "<div id=\"" + id + "\">" + text + "</div>";

   //add code here to append the above div to whatever element you need it to go to.
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Thanks for the help. The solution was thoug much simpler... I just added var id = idNod; And all the ids got changes to correct value. :) Thanks anyhow :) – Dymond Mar 18 '13 at 15:52

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