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I am trying to implement a form using the KendoUI Validator and it requires attribute decoration of the form fields that need to be validated.

Below is the desired html that I want to render:

<input type="email" required>

How can I render this html using @Html.EditorFor through the Razor view engine?

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You should be able to use a custom template, using the EditorFor override that takes the name of a template. Add a custom template to your project as decribed by Brad Wilson, and then you can customize the appearance for your email fields using this template. The basic setup is:

In the views folder, create an EditorTemplates folder in your view's controller folder (for instance, for HomeController, create the folder in Views/Home/EditorTemplates). Add a template that will appear, with the model defined as the value being edited, and add the markup you want as mentioned above.

Then you just need to use Html.EditorFor(i => i.X, "NameofTemplate");.

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Basically if you are going to edit an email (on which you want to enable validation) you will need to use TextBox.

To generate input of type e-mail you can set its html attributes like this:

@(Html.TextBoxFor(x => x.Name, new { type="email"}))
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