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I'm trying to use plupload to upload files and when I create a object of my model with attribute fields it's getting sent to the server as '[object Object]'. When I set the keys as "object_name[column_name]" I can't change the value after initial setting.

I've got a multi model form, so I'm manually setting some attributes on the child model with the "BeforeUpload" callback of plupload.

Any help is appreciated!

IF you need to see some sample code, I can surely provide… but this isn't so much of an unknown error as difficulty with concept.


EDIT (adding code and Error from rails)

[2013-03-18 11:41:48] ERROR TypeError: expected Hash (got String) for param `user_asset'

$(function() {
var uploader = new plupload.Uploader({
    runtimes : "html5,html4",
    browse_button : 'browse_files',
    container : "file_upload_list_container",
    file_data_name : "user_asset[physical_file]",
    max_file_size : '10mb',
    url : "/warehouse/user-assets.js",
    multipart: true,
    multipart_params: {
        authenticity_token:'<%= form_authenticity_token %>',

uploader.bind('BeforeUpload', function(up, file) {
    uploader.settings.multipart_params.user_asset.tag_names = $('#user_asset_group_tag_names').val();
    uploader.settings.multipart_params.user_asset.user_asset_group_id = new_user_group_id;
    uploader.settings.multipart_params.user_asset.title = file.name.split('.')[0];

$('#new_user_asset_group .btn-primary').click(function(e) {
          {user_asset_group: {title: $('#user_asset_group_title').val(), 
                              notes: $('#user_asset_group_notes').val(), 
                              shared: 0, 
                              password: $('#user_asset_group_password').val()
           authenticity_token:'<%= form_authenticity_token %>'}).done(function(data) {

    return false;



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code plzzz.. with error –  codeit Mar 18 '13 at 15:41
updated with plupload code and rails error. It's generic but as I stated, it's because the user_asset object literal is being converted to [object Object]. –  Chris Passmore Mar 18 '13 at 16:50

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