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I have well working Mercurial. I can push/pull through cmd commands. But in NetBeans push/pull lasts forever. I've tried to push to BitBucket over http and it worked. But the same thing over ssh didn't. And the same ssh push with 'hg push ssh://...' worked.

What's wrong with NetBeans? It may be some option i should change or smth.

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Post your output with --verbose and --debug so we can see where it's stalling out. Could be authentication/authorization or data xfer. – Ry4an Oct 10 '09 at 14:28
sending hello command sending between command remote: Permission denied (publickey). abort: no suitable response from remote hg! What do i do with publickey? I've generated one in ~/.ssh/id_rsa, but nothing changed. – Viktoras Oct 10 '09 at 15:30

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Ok, i've managed the issue. I needed to upload my public key in bitbucket's profile. And put public key in authorized_keys file at my server. After that authorization is passwordless, using keys and NetBeans pulls/pushes ok.

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