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I have a table, TaxReturn, which has a Primary Foreign key of ProcessID, that is mapped to the Process tables Primary key of ProcessID. I need to set the ProcessID of TaxReturn to the ProcessID of the Process table. How can I do this with Breeze so I am not saving twice and making two round trips to the database?

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May I rephrase?

  • You have two tables, Process and TaxReturn
  • Process has a 1..(0,1) association with TaxReturn
  • ProcessID is the PK of Process
  • ProcessID is the PK of TaxReturn and is also the FK to the parent Process

Thus a Process can have zero or one TaxReturns.

If you create and save aProcess and TaxReturn at the same time (assuming the camelCase NamingConvention):

var process = manager.createEntity('Process');
var taxReturn = manager.createEntity('TaxReturn', {ProcessID: process.processID});
// ... fill them in
return manager.saveChanges(); // Breeze saves them together in a single transaction.

If you add a TaxReturn to an existing Process:

var taxReturn = manager.createEntity('TaxReturn', {ProcessID: existingProcess.processID});
// ... fill them in
return manager.saveChanges(); // saves the new TaxReturn.
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