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I'm looking for a way to sign some data in C++ code which will then be sent to a PHP script for verification and processing. I want to use the OpenSSL module there, namely the *openssl_verify* function so I need something compatible with that.

The application will be only for Windows so CryptoAPI might be fine but looking at the samples I don't like it and couldn't get it work, some simple lightweight library would be better. I just need to load a private key and generate the signature for some string.

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As for the Cripto API this example might help you to import a custom private key. Alternatively, you can look at Crypto++.

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OpenSSL is originally a C Library, take a look at its documentation.

Alternatively, have you looked at the CryptoAPI sample application? It does signing as well and you should be able to strip the code you need out of it.

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