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The BY_HANDLE_FILE_INFORMATION structure is supposed to remain unique even after editing a file. When I tested this on a text file it worked fine, yet when it was tested on a docx and a xlsx file it seemed to change. Does anybody know why?

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Here is the declaration of BY_HANDLE_FILE_INFORMATION

    public uint FileAttributes;
    public FILETIME CreationTime;
    public FILETIME LastAccessTime;
    public FILETIME LastWriteTime;
    public uint VolumeSerialNumber;
    public uint FileSizeHigh;
    public uint FileSizeLow;
    public uint NumberOfLinks;
    public uint FileIndexHigh;
    public uint FileIndexLow;

As you can see it contains some size information, last access time... Therefore I don't see how this could stay unique.

But there are 2 fields which remain unique (even if you move the file (on the same disk)) FileIndexHigh and FileIndexLow

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