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A report, has_many answers, and an answer belongs_to report. The nested form is displayed and works, but for the 5 answers I have

Add Answer

Answer __

Add Answer

Answer __

[next 3]

How can i group them in one single block with title "Add Answer", and 5 inputs ?

  form do |f|
    f.inputs "New Report" do 
      f.input :title
      f.input :type
      f.input :help_text
      f.input :text_box_present
      f.input :text_box_default
      f.input :template_id

    f.inputs "ADD Answers", for: :answers do |a|
      a.input :text, label: "Answer", required: false
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Wow, this is some elegant stuff that active admin and formtastic provides for nested attributes

f.inputs "Answers"  do
  f.has_many :answers do |a|
    a.input :text, label: "Answer", required: false

It will auto add a delete/add button with javascript, for adding multiple answers

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