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I have to put an excel file online on a web server (Apache) with some basic password protection (basic http auth). User, however, should be able to open the file from within excel and save their changes back to the server.

Is there any simple and effective solution for it? I am not very experienced with webdav.

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Maybe use Google Docs to share the document. That would be as turn-key as it gets. :)

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Funny enough, if you just need "basic-level" security, you can set it up in the Excel sheet itself:

Go to the Tools -> Protection menu and you can lock down the whole sheet, or just specific ranges.

Note This is not "really good" security and will not stand up against an even moderately-skilled attack...but it will pass muster for the most basic uses.

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Webdav can do this. Might be a hassle to set it up.

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