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I don't know for sure if the problem is in the request or in the display of the results, but this is not working for me, when I tap on the link on the phone I get a white screen, on desktop (Chrome) works without problems.

$('a').on('click', function(click_event){
 return false

'Debugging' with weinre it tells me it enters on the get function... I'm using PhoneGap Build and have not set a config.xml, but when I install the app on the phone, it ask permission to access to the Internet...

Any help would be appreciated.

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What is the URL within the href?

Is it an external URL or a local path?

If the latter, read in to the Whitelist Guide here...

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I solved the problem by adding the last parameter 'dataType' as 'html' on the get call, for some reason it was assuming another type of content (xml or json I guess). Everything is working fine now :)

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