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I m trying to migrate Jboss 4 to jboss 7 we configured jvm settings and datasource but when our application deployed on Jboss 7 no one can connect to web site it gives ClientAbortException and socket write exception .After some investigation we realized there s no error caused by jboss but when we check sql server logs via Profiler the logs which created by website which working with jboss 7 seems like first photo:

First photo

the sql profiler log with jboss 4 has a log screenshot like second photo link i referenced

Second photo

i'm using jboss 7 with jdk 7 ,Jsf 1.2 and Java Caching System and MSSQL I know the problem can be too specific but i m so desperate, after deploy no one cant browse on web site and i can only see error log like ClientAbort

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