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I have a generic 'datapump' that is running is part of a Windows service; an instance of it exists for each queue that I'm monitoring for new incoming messages from an MQSeries queue. If the Get method fails, I want to be able to show the name of the queue, so I'm trying to build a debug variable that can be used in the catch handler. I'm getting a 2068 MQRC_SELECTOR_NOT_FOR_TYPE on the line that sets debugQueueInfo below.

    debugLocation = "queueGetName";
    debugQueueInfo = "Queue:" + queueIn.RemoteQueueManagerName + ":"
                          + queueIn.RemoteQueueName;

    debugLocation = "queueGetMessage";
    queueIn.Get(mqMessage, mqGetMessageOptions);

How can I get the current queue manager name, and queue name? The variable queueIn is of type IMB.WMQ.MQQueue, and I'm using the .NET API.

When the queue was object was built, I used the following:

MQQueue mqQueue = qmgr.AccessQueue(mqCloneSpecs.queueName, queueOptions);

Based on the doc of the error code for 2068, I thought maybe adding the MQC.MQOO_BROWSE would fix the issue, but it did not.

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RemoteQueueManagerName and RemoteQueueName are valid for remote queues only. I think that's the reason why you are getting 2068. MQOO_BROWSE otpion is for getting a message without removing it from the queue.

You can use Name property to get the queue name, like

debugQueueInfo = "Queue:" + queueIn.Name;

MQQueue class does not have a property to get the queue manager name. You will have to get it from MQQueueManager instance.

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