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I'm having trouble to solve a Learn Prolog Now excercise (the last one in this page). To make it short: there's a bunch of facts with the format "byCar (place1, place2)", "byTrain (place1, place2)" and "byAirplane (place1, place2)", and I have to write a travel/3 predicate (I called it tickets) that tells you which tickets to buy to travel from place1 to place2.

So for example, the query

tickets(valmont, losAngeles, X)

should return an answer like this:

X = goByCar(valmont, saarbruecken,
   goByTrain(saarbruecken, frankfurt,
   goByAirplane(frankfurt, bangkok,
   goByAirplane(bangkok, auckland,
   goByAirplane(auckland, losAngeles)))))

My current solution is:

ticketsDir(A, B, goByCar(A, B)) :- byCar(A, B).
ticketsDir(A, B, goByTrain(A, B)) :- byTrain(A, B).
ticketsDir(A, B, goByAirplane(A, B)) :- byAirplane(A, B).

swapGo(goByCar(A, B)) :- goByCar(B, A).
swapGo(goByTrain(A, B)) :- goByTrain(B, A).
swapGo(goByAirplane(A, B)) :- goByAirplane(B, A).

mergeGo(goByCar(A, B), Go2) :- goByCar(A, B, Go2).
mergeGo(goByTrain(A, B), Go2) :- goByTrain(A, B, Go2).
mergeGo(goByAirplane(A, B), Go2) :- goByAirplane(A, B, Go2).

tickets(A, B, Go) :- ticketsDir(A, B, Go).
tickets(A, B, swapGo(Go)) :- ticketsDir(B, A, Go).
tickets(A, B, mergeGo(Go1, Go2)) :- ticketsDir(A, Z, Go1), tickets(Z, B, Go2).
tickets(A, B, mergeGo(Go1, Go2)) :- ticketsDir(Z, A, Go1), tickets(Z, B, Go2).

However, that query returns this result:

X = mergeGo(goByCar(valmont, saarbruecken),
   mergeGo(goByTrain(saarbruecken, frankfurt),
   mergeGo(goByAirplane(frankfurt, bangkok),
   mergeGo(goByAirplane(bangkok, auckland),
   swapGo(goByAirplane(losAngeles, auckland))))))"

Now the odd thing is, the query

swapGo(goByCar(A, B))


Error: swapGo/1: Undefined procedure: goByCar/2

and the query

mergeGo(goByCar(A, B), go2)

returns :

Error: mergeGo/2: Undefined procedure: goByCar/3

It seems like I'm defining "swapGo" and "mergeGo" incorrectly, or perhaps "tickets". Any suggestions to fix it? Thanks!

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Have you defined anywhere a procedure goByCar? It doesn't look like you have, unless you are not showing your complete listing. And I have the feeling that you mean to say something like swapGo(goByCar(A,B)) :- byCar(B,A), as you have defined those facts. –  Boris Mar 18 '13 at 17:25
I'm showing all predicates. I didn't really define goByCar/2 or goByCar/3, but I want swapGo and mergeGo to always get a matching result. I'm using those two predicates as an auxiliaries to perform the swaps and mergers. If I deleted them, I'd have to write lots of tickets/3 lines, and code would get very messy. –  NaBUru38 Mar 18 '13 at 19:12
You misunderstood my comment: if you have not defined a certain predicate, you can't be surprised that there is an "Undefined" error. Also, I tried to point out what you might actually be trying to say. I hope this helps. –  Boris Mar 19 '13 at 10:06
RIght, I got it.So, any suggestions to fix it? –  NaBUru38 Mar 19 '13 at 13:55
First, correct the offending swapGo by removing the undefined procedure from its definition (see my first comment). I don't know how else to say it. –  Boris Mar 19 '13 at 14:44

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