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I m using nodejs 0.8.21 and express 3.1.0

I need to read userId from url like It means userId=39. How to do? Thank you. Sample:

app.get('/:userId_i', function(req, res) { });
app.param('userId', function(req, res, next, id){ });
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Reference: –  generalhenry Mar 18 '13 at 17:44

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Assuming you have a numerical id followed by an i and you want the id coming back as just the numerical.

app.get("/:id([0-9]+)i", function (req, res) {...});

This will match a numeric followed by and i and will give you just the numeric in


curl -XGET localhost:8080/124i

Gives me the following in req.params

[ 'id': 124 ]
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