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I am converting Java code to C#. The StringBuilder class in Java seems to have many more methods than the C# one. I am interested in (say) the Java functionality


which seems to be missing in C#.

I suppose the first two could be modelled by


but would the third operate on a copy of the contents of the sb rather than the actual contents?

Is there a common way of adding this functionality to all missing methods?

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You can use the Chars member collection for .charAt. Similarly, you can use .Remove(i,1) to remove a single char at position i.

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@Joe. Where is Chars - could you give an example. (I looked in and didn't find anything) – peter.murray.rust Oct 10 '09 at 16:07… It's a property. In C#, it's done via the indexer (e.g. mySb[idx] ) – Joe Oct 10 '09 at 16:10

For the third you could use the Remove method:

sb.Remove(i, 1);
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You could use extension methods like the following:

    static class Extensions
        public static int IndexOf(this StringBuilder sb, string value)
            return sb.ToString().IndexOf(value);

//if you must use CharAt instead of indexer
        public static int CharAt(this StringBuilder sb, int index)
            return sb[index];
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@Yuriy I am coming from Java and so naturally look for an identical method first. Thanks for pointing out indexer. – peter.murray.rust Oct 10 '09 at 16:24

StringBuilder has an indexer, that means you can simply access single characters using sb[i]

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