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I am trying to parse the following pattern:

name1 operator name2

where 'operator' is one of &,^ or |

The groups should be (name1 operator name2,name1,operator,name2)

Now, either name can also include &,| or ^ and white spaces, but only the first appearance will make the operator. Further appearances will be considered to be a part of name2.

I've been sturggling with this for quite some time now, and I have


Doesn't seem very cleaver, doesn't work either. Also, if there's a function similar to str.partition() that can work with regex and limit the results to 1, it would be great. I couldn't find one.

Any ideas for a regex or function? Thanks

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In [163]: re.split(r'\s*([&|^])\s*', 'name1|name2', maxsplit=1)
Out[163]: ['name1', '|', 'name2']

maxsplit=1 causes re.split to make at most 1 match:

In [164]: re.split(r'\s*([&|^])\s*', 'name1|nam^e2', maxsplit=1)
Out[164]: ['name1', '|', 'nam^e2']

You could also use a non-greedy search:

In [184]:'\s*(.*?)\s*([&|^])\s*(.*?)\s*', 'name1 | nam^e2').groups()
Out[184]: ('name1', '|', 'nam^e2')

This has the advantage of also tripping off the whitespace at the beginning and end of the string.

The non-greediness of the first group, (.*?) allows ([&|^]) to match the first occurrence of &, |, or ^.

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Nice how we wrote almost the same regex at the same time, but I used .+? so it won't match lone | or foo& – JBernardo Mar 18 '13 at 17:47
Also, by being greedy, the last .* will match the space at end as well... – JBernardo Mar 18 '13 at 17:52
Thanks for the corrections, @JBernardo. – unutbu Mar 18 '13 at 17:55

An option to remove extra spaces:

>>>'^\s*(.+?)\s*([&|^])\s*(.+?)\s*$', ' foo | bar & lol ').groups()
('foo', '|', 'bar & lol')
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