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So I am looking to grep the number of a given character in every line of a very very large file (50Gb). I need to get output for each line that contains the Character ? or . the number of occurrences per line as well as the line number. Any ideas on how to do this simply from bash? I know the max number of either char is 10 per line, min is 0. This is from a old, poorly written custom DB that I need to transform and the original dev used the periods and question marks as delimiters.

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What have you tried? –  chepner Mar 18 '13 at 17:35

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The following awk command will print the line number, the number of ?s found and the contents of the line containing the ?:

awk -F? '/?/{print NR,NF-1,$0}' file
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This will output a line-by-line count of ? or . chars in the file preceeded by the line number:

while read line
    echo $line_no $((`echo $line | sed 's/[^?.]//g' | wc -m`-1))
done < "your_file.txt"
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