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I am trying to use a SVG with an embedded bitmap as a navigation element. The idea is to make it more mobile friendly. I already have a PNG fallback in place for IE8 and below.

Somehow the embedded bitmap doesn't show in webkit based browsers. SVG without bitmap embedded show just fine.

I can get the background to show in webkit using the "object" tag but then my links don't work, I can't control the width and I run into a documented bug of safari where image is not scaled and sliders appear.

See the page in question here: http://www.izbornareforma.rs/izbori-2012/ All images are SVG, the four bottom one have embedded bitmap in them.

There are a number of similar question but none have a workable solution.

Suggestions welcome.


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This is a bug in Webkit. If you keep your current backgrounds and also load the same SVGs in an object tag you will see that the SVG backgrounds will load correctly with the embedded data. To work around this I would suggest you to create an invisible div where you load your SVGs in object tags, such as...

<div id="svgfix">
  <object ... />
  <object ... />
  <object ... />
  <object ... />

Your CSS:

#svgfix {
  width: 0; 
  height: 0; 
  position: absolute;
  visibility: hidden;
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Do you happen to have the link to the webkit bugreport for this? – Erik Dahlström Mar 18 '13 at 22:39
@ErikDahlström I recall another bug report from around 2011 but this is the same bug code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=170560 – Duopixel Mar 18 '13 at 23:15
I had missed that also in your answer. Now I get it. Thanks. – gregounours Mar 19 '13 at 11:55
Doesn't work for me. (Safari 7.0.6) – letmaik Sep 26 '14 at 15:40
Doesn't work for me on Safari (5.1.10 - Snow Leopard, or 8.0.4 - Yosemite) or on Mobile Safari (iOS 8.1). Basically it just doesn't work now, if it ever did... unless I'm missing something in your explanation, but I thought it was pretty straightforward. What I have found is that the bitmap embed works if you use the SVG tag by itself in the HTML, but since the SVG tag can't be styled(?) it's not a full solution. – Mentalist Apr 4 '15 at 1:34

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