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I am using CSS transform:scale(2.0); to animate the dots within a diagram. The effect works as intended in Safari, but in Chrome and apparently IE the dots are being clipped on hover.

This doesnt happen in a blank HTML document, just within this diagram, does anyone know a solution? or failing that a decent jQuery substitute.

The dots are positioned absolutely within the diagram

the development is at www.craigscott.net/succeed


General Map Link Styles

.link-box {width:20px; height:20px; position: absolute; cursor: pointer; background-color:  white; border-radius: 50%; 
-moz-transition: all 0.1s ease; -webkit-transition: all 0.1s ease; }

.link-box:hover { -webkit-transform:scale(2.0); 


transform-origin:50% 50%;

-ms-transform-origin:50% 50%; /* IE 9 */
-webkit-transform-origin:50% 50%; /* Safari and Chrome */
-moz-transform-origin:50% 50%; /* Firefox */
-o-transform-origin:50% 50%; /* Opera */


All the dots positions

.mobile-link {bottom:100px; right:135px;}
.mobile-link:hover {bottom:100px; right:135px;}
.visualization-link {bottom:270px; right:70px;}
.UEANDE-link {bottom: 165px; right:45px;}
.support-link {top:110px; left:170px;}
.tech-support-link {top:50px; left:265px;}
.data-govern-link {top:108px; right:175px;}
.payroll-link {left:135px; bottom:98px;}
.CRM-link {left:48px; bottom:165px;}
.HCMC-link {left:70px; top:252px;}
.semantic-link {right:82px; top:200px;}
.op-mod-link {right:30px; top:217px;}
.gameification-link {right:25px; top:270px;}
.jquery-link {right:85px; bottom:85px;}
.portal-link {right:40px; bottom:115px;}
.dashboard-link {right:0px; bottom:148px;}
.alerts-link {right:10px; bottom:200px;}
.support-pack-link {left:175px; top:57px;}
.psoft-link {left:128px; top:82px;}
.upgrades-link {left:130px; top:138px;}
.tech-services-link {left:220px; top:28px;}
.integration-link {left:265px; top:0px;}
.saas-link {left:310px; top:28px;}
.mdm-link {right:130px; top:83px;}
.data-quality-link {right:177px; top:60px;}
.screening-link {right:132px; top:136px;}
.PSGP-link {left:85px; bottom:82px;}
.RTI-link {left:125px; bottom:47px;}
.PAE-link {left:175px; bottom:67px;}
.CX-link {left:0px; bottom:147px;}
.HR-Help-link {left:10px; top:323px;}
.Event-link {left:62px; top:302px;}
.dynamic-link {left:22px; top:270px;}

.fusion-link {left:30px; top:220px;}
.PSHCM-link {left:80px; top:205px;}
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Please post code examples instead of the website... Check out the FAQ to learn how to ask a question. –  brbcoding Mar 18 '13 at 17:36
Just updated it –  Craig Scott Mar 18 '13 at 17:44

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I just find an easy way , remove all transform:scale headache and write this

.link-box-child:hover {
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I would use a jQuery CSS3 effects framework like jQuery Transit to handle your scaling/transformations.

Moreover, it handles your cross-browser issues for you. IMHO, it keeps things more organized and easier to maintain. It looks like what you are doing is cool, but might get out of hand quickly if you are not careful.


$(".box").hover( function () {

    $('.box').transition({ scale: 2.0 });
    $('.box').transition({ x: '40px' });
}, function () {
    $('.box').transition({ scale: 1.0 });
    $('.box').transition({ x: '-40px' });

JS Fiddle Example

I know this isn't an exact solution to your problem, but you may find it easier to go this route if you stick to a solid framework to handle the messiness of CSS3 animations/effects.

Edit: Updated Fiddle to be more like your example tree "dot":

JS Fiddle Example 2


$(".link-box").hover( function () {

    $('.link-box').transition({ scale: 2.0, x: '-40%' }, 'fast');
}, function () {
    $('.link-box').transition({ scale: 1.0, x: '0px' }, 'fast');
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none of the above seem to be working, any more ideas? –  Craig Scott Mar 18 '13 at 23:06
Updated answer. –  ROFLwTIME Mar 19 '13 at 12:52

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