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I have a for loop and each time I call a function within each iteration, and the return of that functions is from type " collections.Counter ", and I would like at the end of the loop that lst will contain all collection.Counter

for gram in range(0, nGram):
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Is this not working? –  thegrinner Mar 18 '13 at 17:41

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For a list, you need to use .append():

for gram in range(nGram):

You can turn that into a list comprehension:

lst = [getCollection(gram) for gram in range(nGram)]
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You can use the append method of the list as others have suggested or simply use list comprehension here

lst = [getCollection(gram) for gram in range(nGram)]
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Try to append it:


Otherwise (if gram is not a valid index of the list) you will end up with an IndexError, telling you that the list does not have that many elements—yet.

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