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Disclaimer: I am a complete biztalk newbie.

I need to be able to read and potentially edit 4 nodes in a biztalk message; preferably this needs to be done from a c# helper class as I am making a service call and also have unit tests written for this.

I already have this class wired up and it works with the XLANGMessage class, the problem I am running into is at this point in the orchestration the message is a Schema based type and doesn't seem to have any way for me to modify it.

I've done some reading and found a few ideas but have not been able to confirm if any of these can work from custom code.

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You can pass messages into and out of C# helper classes easily. The simplest way is just to treat input parameters and return values as of type System.Xml.XmlDocument. The XLANG/s engine will safely cast back and forth from the XLANGMessage type to XmlDocument.

As you are essentially creating a "new" instance of the message (messages are immutable in BizTalk), the call to your helper class needs to be performed in a Message Assignment shape, with the outer Construct shape constructing the copy of your original message.

public static XmlDocument UpdateMyMessage(XmlDocument sourceMessage)
  /* Do stuff to your Message here */

  return sourceMessage;

A best-practice to consider is to declare all your C# helper methods as Static. This will avoid any issues with de/serialisation of your helper class during dehydration.

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Thank you for clarifying that the engine handles conversion between XLANGMessage and XmlDocument, I will be able to clean up the code I have quite nicely knowing that. Also in the end it was the Message Assignment Shape I was missing. –  Phaeze Mar 20 '13 at 21:22
Any possibility of keeping the convenience of this method for faking mutability without using the generic XmlDocument type? I need to construct a message by using a map first, and then modify nodes in a loop. –  MDeSchaepmeester Apr 22 at 7:43

1 write a map to transform the incoming message to the desired type


2 write something like this in your helper component to transform the message

public XmlDocument TransformMessage(XLANGMessage message)

Then pass the result document to a biztalk message in a message assignment shape.

responseMessage = xmlDocument;

You may get better performance if you pass streams instead of messages around.

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