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I'm working in Play! Framework 2.0 with Scala on sublime text editor. I wanted to create some custom helpers which are just a few methods relating to the controller or goal. So I created a folder in the "app" directory called "helpers," for example I have a helper called SiteHelper.scala

in /app/helpers/SiteHelper.scala I start with

package helpers

class SiteHelper {

   def method() = {}


Now in my controller I want to be able to do this: import helpers.SiteHelper

then use the method in my controller: SiteHelper.method()

When I try this I get a compilation error: "not found: value SiteHelper"

How can I use my helper classes in my controllers?

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It seems you want to use an object instead of a class

package helpers

object SiteHelper {

 def method() = {}

Then in you constroller:

import helpers.SiteHelper

object MyConstroller {
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Thanks, this worked. Very new to scala –  theprestig3 Mar 18 '13 at 21:47

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