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I want to parse text files with lucene using HunspellStemmer to check for spelling errors. I will use Hunspell dictionaries that's why I want to use HunspellStemmer.

At this point I'm not sure how I should parse the files and do the checking.

Could I use a Standard Analyser with WordFilter to index the text in a file and check Term by term if the keyword is present in HunspellDictionary.

I did that and it works, not sure it's the optimal solution, but if I want to output 3-5 suggestions by word not present, I have no idea what do to.

I could use a IndexerSearch when I use a PlainTextDictionnary, but no idea how to get that functionality with HunspellDictionary. (it doesn't implement Dictionary).

any help will be really appreciate.


examples that I want to check : hell, hello, hall, helli. I'm hoping to have suggestions for "helli" using a Hunspell.

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