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I'm trying to scrape sites like this one on the BBC website to grab the relevant parts of the programme listing, and I've just started using BeautifulSoup to do this.

The parts of interest start with sections like:

<li about="/programmes/p013zzsl#segment" class="segment track" id="segmentevent-p013zzsm" typeof="po:MusicSegment">

<li about="/programmes/p014003v#segment" class="segment speech alt" id="segmentevent_p014003w" typeof="po:SpeechSegment">

What I've done so far is opened the HTML as soup and then used soup.findAll(typeof=['po:MusicSegment', 'po:SpeechSegment']) to give a ResultSet of the parts I'm interested in the order in which they appear.

What I then want to do is check whether a section refers to po:MusicSegment or po:SpeechSegment in HTML that looks like:

<li about="/programmes/p01400m9#segment" class="segment track" id="segmentevent-p01400mb" typeof="po:MusicSegment"> <span class="artist-image"> <span class="depiction" rel="foaf:depiction"><img alt="" height="63" src="http://static.bbci.co.uk/programmes/2.54.3/img/thumbnail/artists_default.jpg" width="112"/></span> </span> <script type="text/javascript"> window.programme_data.tracklist.push({ segment_event_pid : "p01400mb", segment_pid : "p01400m9", playlist : "http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01400m9.emp" }); </script> <h3> <span rel="mo:performer"> <span class="artist no-image" property="foaf:name" typeof="mo:MusicArtist">Mala</span> </span> <span class="title" property="dc:title">Calle F</span> </h3></li>

I want to access the typeof attribute associated with <li>, but if this chunk of HTML (as a BS4 tag) is called section and I enter section.li, it returns None.

Note that if I do section.img instead, I get something back:

<img alt="" height="63" src="http://static.bbci.co.uk/programmes/2.54.3/img/thumbnail/artists_default.jpg" width="112"/>

and I could then do, e.g. section.img['height'] to get back u'63'

What I want is something analogous for the section.li part, so section.li['typeof'] to give me po:MusicSegment or po:SpeechSegment

Of course, I could simply convert each result to text and then do a simple string search, but searching by attribute seems more elegant.

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I'd iterate over the list returned by findAll:

soup = BeautifulSoup('<li about="/programmes/p013zzsl#segment" class="segment track" id="segmentevent-p013zzsm" typeof="po:MusicSegment"><li about="/programmes/p014003v#segment" class="segment speech alt" id="segmentevent_p014003w" typeof="po:SpeechSegment">')

for elem in soup.findAll(typeof=['po:MusicSegment', 'po:SpeechSegment']):
    print elem['typeof']



and then conditionally perform your other tasks:

if elem['typeof'] == 'po:MusicSegment'
elif elem['typeof'] == 'po:SpeechSegment':
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I was storing the results to an intermediate variable and then processing them; this approach is much simpler. –  Steven Maude Mar 19 '13 at 21:06

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