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The task in hand is to look for an authentication mechanism from Linuix client (Scietific Linix 6.1) to a HyperV Server. I'm using openwsman to establish the connection; it seems openwsman does not support kerbose/gssapi as openssl/openssh internally used does not support the protocol.

Googling about GSS and openssh support, I was able to find a git project maintained by Simon Wilkinson (https://github.com/SimonWilkinson/gss-openssh) and also a webpage maintaining the patches against openssh releases (http://www.sxw.org.uk/computing/patches/openssh.html). But both this project are based on OpenBSD platform.

Does anyone have ported this changes for linux? Or anyother mechanism to get GSS authentication working on Linux?


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http://grid.ncsa.illinois.edu/ssh contains the port for GSS protocol and seems to maintain pacthes against openssh very well.

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