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Is anyone running the WebSphere Liberty Profile from inside Intellij 12?

I have added a WebSphere Server Run Configuration, but all I get is:

Error running WebSphere JMX administration should be enabled

I can understand the error, but am not sure how to solve this within Intellij. I added server.xml inside WebSphere to say:


But I am not sure Intellij is even reading this config file.

enter image description here

If anyone has this working, please tell me how. Thanks.

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To make it possible for IDEA to administrate WebSphere LP with JMX, you should specify in the server.xml:

<applicationMonitor updateTrigger="mbean" />

in addition to the fragment you've already specified:


Actually, IDEA is able to make both changes for you -- you should just press the Fix button next to the JMX administration should be enabled message in the run configuration.

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thanks for the update - i did that but still the same message. I also don't see the "Fix" button (screenshot added to question). Maybe my problem is more fundamental ? –  planetjones Mar 19 '13 at 17:53
Why don't you have a Server selected in the combo box? –  CrazyCoder Mar 19 '13 at 19:24
thanks - I thought it would pick up defaultServer. I created a new one using "bin/server create planetjones" and now Intellij is able to use that instance/profile. –  planetjones Mar 21 '13 at 18:50

If you don't see the "fix" button or you don't see the server you created in the drop down menu, it is likely a permissions issue.

If you are on your local box and don't really care about giving access to that folder:

chmod -R a+wrx /opt/IBM/WebSphere/Liberty/
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