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I am trying to display the data using this json and from the values of the "contact" key build a drop-down menu, I can't figure this one out:

json data:

data =     [
  {"conta":"13356","name":"MISS Two"},
  {"zip":"01111","city":"NASHUA, MA","street_a":"10 MAIN ROAD SQUARE","street_b":"Nothing"},
  {"contact":"Mark Bre"},
  {"contact":"Mary Lou"},
  {"contact":"John Ton"},
  {"contact":"Carls Des"},
  {"contact":"Carlos Drt"}

Any help, thanks for looking!

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What have you tried? What problem are you having? –  Adrian Mar 18 '13 at 19:30

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using recursive way to iterate through data;jsfiddle

   function showData(obj){
   for(var k in obj){
             for(var l in obj[k]){
                $('body').append(obj[k][l]+ "   ");             
             $('body').append( "<br>");
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I can't get this code to work, how can I display the dropdown menu on the page? –  Andre Mar 18 '13 at 23:45

create select..append it to the element you want (i am appending it to body)... loop through your data.. create options amd append it to the created dynamic select

try this

$('body').append('<select id="dynamicSelect"></select>');
var options="";
               options += "<option value="+ val2.contact +">" + val2.contact + "</option>"
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