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I'm wanting to debug my Python script that passes in parameters but I'm having a hard time configuring the IDE to accept those parameters and run my script. I have the following parameters/arguments in my code (-y"2012" -year, -s"IL" -state, -e"C:\document1" -path to source file 1, -t"C:\document2" -path to source file 2, -f"C:\document3" -path to source file 3. May not be necessary but here is the part of the script that passes in the arguments:

parser=argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Process a data audit about a state',prefix_chars='-+')

parser.add_argument('-s',help='Specify the state')
parser.add_argument('-y',help='Specify the year')
parser.add_argument('-e',help='Specify the source file')
parser.add_argument('-t',help='Specify the source file')
parser.add_argument('-f',help='Specify the source file')

I have explored in the Debug Configurations menu but was unsuccessful in finding a resolutio.

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Which IDE are you using? –  Adam Obeng Mar 18 '13 at 20:32
Aptana Studio 3 –  Tone Mar 18 '13 at 20:40

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