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According to the SlickGrid documentation here:


it sounds like the scrollCellIntoView method should scroll both horizontally and vertically if the column specified by the cell parameter is not currently in view. So if I have a grid with 200 rows and currently the first 50 rows are visible and column 7 is NOT visible, the following method call should scroll both horizontally and vertically to bring the cell at row 90, cell 7 into view.

mySlickGrid.scrollCellIntoView(90, 6);

However, it looks like this method only scrolls horizontally, putting the column into view but not the row. Here is a jsfiddle demonstrating the behavior:


Does anyone know if this is the expected behavior, a bug, or perhaps I'm missing something simple?

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scrollCellIntoView actually doesn't scroll the row at all. Use it in conjunction with scrollRowIntoView. This is an oversight and will be fixed. (The reason that scrollCellIntoView takes in a row as an argument is that it is needed for colspan support. Without it, SlickGrid wouldn't be able to uniquely identify the cell.)

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