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My code was working fine until I added another where clause, T.TokenType = facebook.

Can we have as many where clauses as we want?

Or did I mess it up elsewhere.

FYI, I have facebookID of a member and want to get his/her facebook access token and system memberID.

SQL = "SELECT M.MemberID, M.FacebookID, T.MemberID, T.TokenType, T.Token_Code"
    SQL = SQL & " WHERE M.FacebookID = "& strUserID &" AND M.MemberID = T.MemberID AND T.TokenType = facebook"
    Set objMember = objConn.Execute(SQL)
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facebook seems to be a string, so I'd say you're missing quotes, try changing T.TokenType = facebook with T.TokenType = 'facebook'. And yes you can have as many conditions as you want...

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Hmm I didnt see that one. Thanks a lot! –  Efe Mar 18 '13 at 20:41
You're welcome, it happens sometimes... –  DarkAjax Mar 18 '13 at 20:42

Could it be that instead of

T.TokenType = facebook

You want

T.TokenType = 'facebook'


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you need to encapsulate string values in quotes, ie T.TokenType = "facebook"

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Use single quote :) –  Trinimon Mar 18 '13 at 20:42

Probably, facebook isn't a column name. Try adding quotes:

AND T.TokenType = 'facebook'
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Are you getting an error? Normal sql will allow as many clauses as you wish so adding another shouldn't matter. Also, is token a String? If so it needs quotes.

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