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I develop a custom control that have some field like below:

ControlKind, Field1 , Field2

I want to change attribute of one of field per controlKind,
Like: if controlKind == useField1, then Field1 show and Field2 hidde in properyGrid (or readonly or filter)

can i do it ?

Thanks in advance

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Implement ICustomTypeDescriptor, or register a TypeDescriptionProvider and return a custom type descriptor from that, or apply TypeConverterAttribute.

In all three cases, you need to implement / override the GetProperties method to return a filtered subset of the actual properties. (In the TypeConverter approach, you must also override GetPropertiesSupported to return true.)

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for the TypeConverter case (which is by far the simplest, btw), simply inherit from ExpandableObjectConverter and you get much for free. –  Marc Gravell Oct 10 '09 at 21:08
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