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I need to be able to somehow associate List<string> (that gets loaded in my controller) with a connectionId that is generated in the HUB.

In my MVC app I have an Action that fills List<string> with some data. After the page is loaded, OnConnected method is executed in my Hub where a new ConnectionId is generated. I would like to associate that ConnectionIdwith myList<string>.

Since OnConnected is executed after the action completes I don't believe there's another way of doing it. Is there?

How would I pass a List (or some other object) to my hub so that is associated with a specific ConnectionId?


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Instead of passing data to your hub, take in data from your hub.

So for instance you can use static dictionaries/lists to have the two reference eachother:

public class MyHub : Hub
    public override OnConnected()

public class MyController
    public static ConcurrentDictionary<string, List<string>> cidToList = new ConcurrentDictionary<string, List<string>>();
    public static List<string> mylist = new List<string>();

    public static void Associate(string cid)
        cidToList.TryAdd(cid, mylist);
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that works. I assume the last connectionId will be assigned to LAST List<string> object –  Shane Km Mar 19 '13 at 12:57

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