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From the looks of the go documentation, they make it seem like you have to put code you're working on under your $GOPATH-- is that correct?

I would like to set up a test project in a dir under my ~/Documents, but everytime i run go install example/newmath (like in the test example) it says the following--

λ MacBook-Air src → go install example/newmath
warning: GOPATH set to GOROOT (/usr/local/go) has no effect
can't load package: package example/newmath: import "example/newmath": cannot find package

Does that mean that i need to reset my $GOPATH/$GOROOT? I'm lost.

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No need to setup GOROOT in the common situation. GOPATH, OTOH, should be set (and exported).

I would recommend to start with

   export GOPATH=$HOME

Then just put a package having import "whatever" into $GOPATH/src/whatever.

You can refine your GOPATH to your needs later, when you get used to how things work with the Go build system (go {build, install}). One can have even multiple items in $GOPATH, but I really don't think it's a concern in the beginning, and sometimes never.

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