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I'm using Symfony 1.4 and Propel 1.6. I was confounded at first by various classnames that used improper pluralization.

For example some table relations were things like CommerceItemss, which was easily traced down in my schema.yml where I specified plural instead of singular table names.

After I corrected that, I was still left with one more type of error in the auto generated classes. Namely, I had a table named "Match" which Propel was pluralizing to Matchs.

For example, lines like:

        if (null === $this->matchsScheduledForDeletion) {
            $this->matchsScheduledForDeletion = clone $this->collMatchs;

So I'm left with the question of, "how to get Propel to pluralize properly"?

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The solution was buried deep in the Propel ORM docs:


Namely, edit your default.properties:


Look for the line that says:

propel.builder.pluralizer.class = builder.util.DefaultEnglishPluralizer

Replace with:

propel.builder.pluralizer.class = builder.util.StandardEnglishPluralizer

It handles the problem with Match->Matchs properly (and I presume would also handle Category->Categories, etc.) so this could be the solution if you have a similar problem.

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Great find! You should accept your answer so that people looking for this issue can see that your issue has a solution. –  jakerella Mar 18 '13 at 22:00
Thanks jakerella, I can apparently "accept your own answer in 2 days". :) –  user1214836 Mar 18 '13 at 22:43

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