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How can I get the GAE SDK to tell me what version it is? I could not find anything like this: --version

Note that this is different from os.environ['CURRENT_VERSION_ID'], which returns the application version, and it seems that os.environ['SERVER_SOFTWARE'] always returns Development/1.0 when I run it inside the Interactive Console.

I would like to create a GAE SDK updater script that performs the following logic:

  1. Checks to see what the latest version of GAE SDK for Python on Linux is (as of this writing 1.7.5 which is available for download at
  2. Checks the currently installed version of the GAE SDK.
  3. If the available version > installed version, downloads the latest package and unzips it into the correct directory.

If there is no "supported" way to do step #1, I am willing to hard-code the "latest version" in the script, but I still only want to download/install it once even if the script itself is run multiple times. In other words, the script should be idempotent.

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The directory where the GAE SDK zip is unpacked to contains a VERSION file with the following contents:

release: "1.7.5"
timestamp: 1357690550
api_versions: ['1']

So I wrote a script to pull the version out of there:


INSTALLEDVERSION=`cat /usr/local/google_appengine/VERSION | grep release | cut -d: -f 2 | cut -d\" -f 2`

        echo "Update GAE SDK"

Or, you can use this to obtain the version string on non-default installs, but readlink may not work correctly on Linux:

INSTALLEDDIR=`which | xargs readlink | xargs dirname`
INSTALLEDVERSION=`cat $INSTALLEDDIR/VERSION | grep release | cut -d: -f 2 | cut -d\" -f 2`

But this still does not provide a way to perform step 1, which would query the web for the latest version and do auto-updating.

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