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I have a unittest.TestSuite instance. It is a tree of nested TestSuite/TestCase objects (of arbitrary shape/depth).

I want to get a list of individual test id's contained in the entire suite, without actually running the tests. (similar to nose's "--collect-only" option).

do i need to recursively walk the TestSuite, or is there something in unittest I can re-use? any tips for approaching this?

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FWIW, this works great:

via testtools:

def iterate_tests(test_suite_or_case):
    """Iterate through all of the test cases in 'test_suite_or_case'."""
        suite = iter(test_suite_or_case)
    except TypeError:
        yield test_suite_or_case
        for test in suite:
            for subtest in iterate_tests(test):
                yield subtest

you can use testtools.testsuite.iterate_tests(suite) to iterate over the nested suite. for example, get a list of test id's, using a list comprehension:

[test.id() for test in testtools.testsuite.iterate_tests(suite)]
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