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I'm working with a MySQL database with polygons stored in WKT format. Many polygons in the database have duplicate points (e.g. in the below example, the point -122.323502 47.600959 is repeated three times).

When attempting to call RGeo::Cartesian::Factory.parse_wkt() on these polygons, the result is nil.

How can I create RGeo objects from these polygons, without modifying the polygon data.

poly = "MULTIPOLYGON(((-122.362163 47.618641,-122.344621 47.592555,-122.332017 47.592458,-122.32748 47.59241,-122.326109 47.592652,-122.324738 47.592895,-122.323147 47.593478,-122.321412 47.59411,-122.320826 47.594984,-122.320669 47.596296,-122.321149 47.598627,-122.323502 47.600959,-122.323502 47.600959,-122.323502 47.600959,-122.324071 47.601688,-122.320757 47.601688,-122.32073 47.604262,-122.320767 47.607663,-122.320746 47.609703,-122.320723 47.611938,-122.320714 47.612812,-122.320772 47.614075,-122.320799 47.618495,-122.362163 47.618641)))"

parsed_poly =

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"Cartesian" means x/y ("flat-earth", euclidean) coordinates. You're passing in geographic coordinates ("curved-earth", elliptical). You're using the wrong factory. – boulder_ruby Jul 5 '15 at 1:44

Try this:

RGeo::Geos.factory(:srid => 4326).parse_wkt(wkt_string)
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I know there's also RGeo::Geographic.spherical_factory(:srid => 4326) but I dont know enough about RGeo to be 100% sure there's a difference. – daybreaker Apr 19 at 18:43

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