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I'm looking to re-create the Apple Store shopping cart sidebar.


It is similar to "position: fixed" except that it starts out as "position: absolute" with the CSS class "pinned_top" and then switches to CSS class "floating" when a certain scroll-y position is reached.

I've looked EVERYWHERE for this, it seems a tutorial should be obvious but I'm yet to find anything. Any help?

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You will have to handle the window.onscroll event, and check the element position, if the scrollTop is greater than the position of your element, you set the element fixed at top, if not, you place the element where it originally was.

An example using jQuery:

$(function () { 
  var $el = $('.fixedElement'), 
      originalTop = $el.offset().top;  // store original top position

    if ($(this).scrollTop() > originalTop ){ 
      $el.css({'position': 'fixed', 'top': '0px'}); 
    } else { 
      $el.css({'position': 'absolute', 'top': originalTop}); 
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Worked like a charm! Thanks! dreamstarstudios.net/sandbox/sticky_nav.html –  Brian Oct 10 '09 at 19:28

This working in FF3.5!

<div id="banner" style="border:1px solid blue;width:100%;height:100px;">
 This is a banner1
<div style="clear:left;border:1px solid green;width:70%;height:900px;top:110;">
    this is main div
<div id="fixedDiv" 
             border:1px solid red;height:500px;">
    lorem ipsum dorem dorel ipsa zeta zelga rumba lorem ipsum dorem dorel ipsa 
    zeta zelga rumba lorem ipsum dorem dorel ipsa zeta zelga rumba

<script type="text/javascript">
    var abs=false; //dont set it again and again
  var st=$(window).scrollTop();
  //110 is top of fixedDiv
                //set number to how much you want it from top!
                if(abs) return;
                if(!abs) return;
                //if we are again showing banner, change position to absolute
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Thanks so much, the answer above worked like a charm so please pardon me for not testing this one out. –  Brian Oct 10 '09 at 21:31

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