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I am currently using the Silverlight 2 Video Player to stream videos. I have been very pleased with it but it only seems to stream .WMV files. Does anyone know if there is a good Silverlight video player that will stream other types of video files, especially .MP4 & .FLV? I would be happy to use Silverlight 3 if necessary.

EDIT: Because I like this player and have not found a great option, I am considering encoding files as I receive them so that they will always be streamed later as a .WMV. Unless I determine a good player (I am considering flash at this point), I will have to go down this road.

EDIT 2: Now that Silverlight has evolved quite a bit, are there any new players using Silverlight 5 that do the trick?

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Try this link: Silverlight Video Player with Source Code

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Where do I find more documentation? It may not be worth researching if I cannot verfiy that it can play .MP4 files. – YeahStu Oct 11 '09 at 13:39

Just found this Silverlight Media Framework which looks interesting and more robust than the Silverlight Video 2 Player I was using.

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Silverlight 2 supports the following standards of video:
• Windows Media Video 7 (WMV1)
• Windows Media Video 8 (WMV2)
• Windows Media Video 9 (WMV3)
• Windows Media Video Advanced Profile, non-VC-1 (WMVA)
• Windows Media Video Advanced Profile, VC-1 (WMVC1)

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