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I'm trying to write an hql query with a case statement in a subquery.

select zr 
from ZipResource zr 
inner join zr.zipInflows zi 
inner join zi.toInstInflows tii 
inner join tii.toInstance ti 
where ti.state = 'COMPLETED' 
ti.completedDate between :dateFrom and 
and (
case when :units is not null then
( ti.toPrototype.unit in :units) end ) 
order by tii.zipInflow.zipResource.name

Is it real to do somthing like this? On this query I got QuerySyntaxException on case statement. Can anybody explain what I'm doing wrong?

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In your code :units probably is a set (or sth. like this), because the in statements needs a set, if not, it does not make sense. But in the when condition :units is not null there :units must be exactly one single value (or NULL), if not it is syntactical not correct.

If you want to check if :units is null, then you need a second parameter, for example :number_of_units, and you check like

and (
   case when :number_of_units != 0 then
   ( ti.toPrototype.unit in :units) end ) 

By the way, your case statement is superfluous. You can handle it with a simple and condition (which is recommendable because the database better can handle and conditions when looking for search indexes):

and :number_of_units != 0
and ti.toPrototype.unit in :units 

And then there is a even more simple possibility because in SQL <expression> in (NULL) evaluates to false. Simply do

and ti.toPrototype.unit in :units 
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