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I've found that when making a new site I get a structure like this:


I'd prefer to keeps all page assets in a single directory (moving Scripts into Content), but I feel like this isn't the recommended structure, but I haven't found any reference to this layout explicitly -- granted I have not devoted too much time to it.

What does MS recommend for this kind of thing?

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Microsoft do not make any recommendations in terms of static content folder structures. They make templates that follow a similar structure to each other but that's more convention than a recommendation. I doubt they would ever recommend one folder structure over another as it makes no difference whatsoever.

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I agree it makes little (to no difference) except that NuGet packages with content deployed into a project expect an organization -- it seems that they got a layout in mind. –  lucidquiet Mar 23 '13 at 18:50
But the layout that they work to is not a recommendation. I wouldn't even use the word "expect". If a Scripts folder doesn't exist when you download jQuery, Nuget creates one. And even then, that convention is determined by the package author, not Microsoft. –  Mike Brind Mar 23 '13 at 20:06

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