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I don't want to add child to the viewModel in action controller:

// action controller
public function indexAction() {
    $result = new ViewModel();

    $comments = new ViewModel();
    $result->addChild($comments, 'child_comments');

    return $result;
// View
<?php echo $this->child_comments ?>

I want to include view in another view:

  $view = new ViewModel();
  // here I want to render view 

Is it possible?

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This is what the Partial view helper does (docs seem to be outdated, but I'll link them anyway here):

    <?php echo $this->partial('page_nav', array('var' => $this->var)) ?>

Obviously, your page_nav should be known by your view resolver.

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I know this is old, but you can also simply call $this->render('path/to/view-script')

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