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So i have narrowed down my problem to this:

i have two instances of a movieclip ("content1", "content2") added into two different other movieclips ("container1", "container2"). I want to remove them.

As soon as i remove one of them with this horrible command...


...the other instance of it changes its instance name to a generic one (like "instance25") and i can't access it anymore with getChildByName.

Can anyone explain this please?

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I've never experienced that behaviour - regardless, what you can do is store reference to both before you remove them. This way, you won't need their original instance name to remove both:

var top:MovieClip = root as MovieClip;

var cotainer:MovieClip = top.container1;
var content1:MovieClip = container.getChildByName("content1");
var content2:MovieClip = container.getChildByName("content2");


Hopefully this answer gives you some hints for making your code much more readable as well.

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